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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five, it's a hot topic now - but experts say you should probably right now on live at 5. it's a hot topic , but you should probably skip your political conversation at your thanksgiving dinner. let's go to meteorologist terry swails with the weather first forecast. 66 was t h today. there is a cold front in northern area and right now you would not know it by looking at the radar and satellite. it will come in tonight and be out of eastern iowa by tomorrow morning. it will bring colder air to the area. we have fair skies and advancing front and colder temperatures as it goes through. tomorrow looks breezy and cooler with temperatures in the low 50s for the much -- for
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for the corridor tomorrow, it looks bright once again with temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. with the north wind tomorrow, temperatures will not go up much despite plenty of sunshine. it looks like the highs will hold at 52-54 across eastern iowa. today president-elect donald trump and his wife melania visited the white house to talk with president obama. they talked about the administration. the meeting lasted about an hour to have an trump said it could've gone longer. first lady michelle obama and milani also met in private. protesters took to the streets protesting the newly elected president. there were demonstrators in 40 centers across -- 40 cities
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protesters temporarily shut down highway 101. one officer dead and another injured today in canonsburg pennsylvania. -- canonsburg, pennsylvania. officer scott basham was shot and killed any of her officer is expected to survive. the shooter shot his pregnant wife and then himself. one family therapist said it is important to be careful right now -- a judge is deciding whether or not to move mary beth haglin's trial out of the county. county.haglin has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor by a school employee. employee.this morning, her defense attorney argued that haglin wouldn't get a fair
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says haglin put herself under a national microscope.haglin will be back in court for her pretrial hearing on the 17th. to stay up to date on the latest news -- download the cbs 2 news's free for android and apple devices.just search kgan cbs 2 in your favorite app store. cedar rapids will soon have a new mayor -- --at least for a leaders announced the winners of the c-r gavel challenge. challenge.during the month of new mayor , at least for a day. during t m october, the mayor invited people to spend money at businesses after the flooding threat in september. residents shared photo with the cr gavel challenge -- challenge. first-place goes to the person behind the twitter handle at summers.heart. with the winners receive gift cards. 500 people entered in thousands
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commute. the roundabout at seven street opens today. kevin barry is live there now with a look. kevin.>> reporter: it was not without a process and if you growing pains here in marion county. there has been a lot of traffic up and down the road. now the traffic is moving along much more efficiently and that is the purpose of the roundabout. the roundabouts move traffic about 30% the idea is that a lot of the traffic that comes through this thorough fair and goes to the uptown district where the downtown businesses and marion r, just up that way. the problem is that marion has extremely narrow streets and the buildings are right along the roadway so there is not much room to grow the streets and expand the lanes. that is where this roundabout comes in. the point is to take the traffic that comes in through here and encourage you to go up
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avenue and to head up that way to uptown marion that way. on the other side of the downtown marion area, there is another route to take you up to dubuque and where the marion police department is. it is all about -- traffic flow. the idea is to help people learn to use the roundabout here and also to get around downtown marion a little more efficiently. coming up at 6:00, we will talk about the local businesses that have had to go through a lot over the past year and now they reap the benefits. covering the corridor or and marion, kevin barry, cbs 2 news live at 5 a popular shopping spot needs to go all in on selling groceries or get out . after 18 months with target, the man brought into ramp up
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getting rid of the grocery second could the target at a disadvantage against walmart. the idea is to hire somebody from another store to come up with a different approach to sales. right now grocery is about 20% of target's revenue. governor terry branstad did follow the law when he closed two mental health facilities in iowa. last year governor branstad vetoed funding and close the two facilities. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news 10 at 10 , how the agency suing the governor are reacting to the decision of the supreme court. many businesses are showing support tomorrow for veterans day. there will be free coffee for veterans and active vote -- active military members can get a free onto -- entrie at olive garden. we have a complete list of offerings to show veteran support on .
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bit warmer and it has been a gorgeous day. chief meteorologist terry swails here now with a look at that . temperatures about 17 degrees above normal today and now we are waiting for a cold front to sweep through tonight. it does not have weather
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - many veterans struggle with p-t-s-d, and substance abuse - but one group - is now starting the first private treatment center to help.their story - tomorrow on we are checking in on the weather first forecast right now with meteorologist terry swails you have to look all the way past the rockies to found a cloud in the sky today. >> it is wild. >> it really is wild and i'm
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thing again. it will change in time. what we are watching is a cool front. it will not bring clouds are precipitation as a comes on through. here is the radar right now. again, there is nowhere -- no rain anywhere in the midwest thanks to a dry weather pattern we have a been observing for some time. there are no clouds around -- we have been observing for some time. there are no clouds around iowa. high-pressure is dominating from coast-to-coast pretty today. temperatures will be a little warmer than what we saw today, probably in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. but, that is about as warm as we will go. the corridor will start out cool and end up cool as you come home later on in the day. we are expecting fair skies and colder conditions as we get into the late-night hours.
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breezy and much cooler. temperatures 15 degrees down from where we were today. after a cool day on saturday, temperatures will build again and by sunday we have temperatures that have a good chance of getting back up to around 60 degrees. tomorrow is veterans day and that in: 45 in the morning, there is an arm assist observance. -- arm assist observance. they will ring the bell and that is when it was signed. the temperature will be cooler at about 53. this picture was taken in 1918. this was on clinton street and you can see the parade going on. that was 98 years ago today. that's what it looked like 98 years ago today. there is not much happening around weatherwise and a quiet pattern with wind out of the
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behind that, we will have cooler air moving in tonight and it will be around during the day tomorrow. with the high-pressure coming in, that will keep the air mass dry and there is a lot of sunshine expected. temperatures down a good 15 degrees from where we were today. to show you how quiet it was around the country, you can see from washington d.c., chicago, minneapolis and iowa. the skies are clear today. we don't forecast through wednesday of next week shows not a drop of rain. in the north, clear, breezy and colder with temperatures around 36-39 degrees. the southern degrees should be around 38 to 40 degrees as the when comes out of the the west/northwest tonight.
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temperatures hold. further to the south, it looks like low to mid 50s in this part of the viewing area. a gust of wind out of the north at 10-20 miles per hour will make it feel cooler. here is the extended forecast. as we promised, no rain for the next seven days. temperatures will be up to 60 on sunday and we will be in the 60s for a good portion of next week. now we continue with meteorologist rebecca cope woman with a look at the traffic. most of the major highways there was slower traffic near blairs ferry where traffic was going around 17 miles per hour. it looks like it has lightened up just a little bit and we don't really have heavy traffic anymore. also 151 and 13 where there was higher traffic. also 183 near shueyville, there was heavy traffic. but, really pretty much
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and we have green on the map. this is the s curve where everything seems to be moving along just fine. then down south, toward iowa city, there were people -- there are people on the roads trying to get home this thursday evening. moving along pretty nicely. for the morning commute tomorrow, there are things we have to look out for. downtown cedar rapids to have lane reductions on eighth avenue near seventh street which is near mercy hospital downtown. the eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane and then hiawatha which is actually at robins road is closed now. it started fort -- started today and continues for about a week. there will be a detour in place as they do work there. it is expected to continue for about a week. one step at a time. how one man is determined to manage his diabetes and help -- at how his community is
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we are looking at a beautiful sunset in iowa city as the sun goes down at 5:14. there is more news ahead as we continue on cbs 2 news. cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on facebook -- kgancbs2. package((celebrity photo montage))circa vo: before election day, some celebrities said they'd move to other countries if donald trump won. but now that that's actually happened, will any of them actually do it?((photos of miley cyrus and amber rose)) circa vo: miley cyrus and amber rose didn't specify where they'd go if trump won, but maybe they feel like the party in the usa is over. ((photos of amy schumer))circa vo: amy schumer said she'd head to spain if trump emerged as the winner.((photos of chelsea handler))circa vo: chelsea handler mentioned moving to another country, as she'd bought a house in spain. but she also contemplated moving to canada.((photos of lena dunham))circa vo: speaking of canada, lena
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((photos of the following celebrities))circa vo: possibly making the same trip to the north: raven-symona chloasevigny, bryan cranston, neve campbell, stephen king, keegan-michael key and ne-yo.((photo of canadian flag))circa vo: and they aren't alone: as the election began swinging in trump's direction, canada's immigration website crashed due to heavy traffic.((photos of celebrities below))circa vo: barbra streisand considered both canada and australia. and you may find samuel l. jackson in south africa, ruth bader ginsburg in new zealand, or george lopez in mexico.((photos of cher)) circa vo: mewh her sights on an even farther destination: jupiter. she'd
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diabetes affects around 29 million people in the united states.this month is diabetes awareness month.wor diabetes affects nearly 29,000,000 people in the united states. this month is diabetes awareness month. working in partnership with our parent company, sinclair broadcast group, we want to keep you informed about health matters. it is our responsibility and our privilege. jennifer gilbert explains how managing diabetes could mean the death tweet -- the difference between life and death. >> reporter: 56-year-old sam benson is one of the 29 million people in the united states
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eat. >> reporter: like 90% of the people who have the disease, sam has type ii which is a chronic condition which impacts the way that insulin is able to process blood sugar. >> in type ii diabetes, someone has their own insulin still, but related to aging or becoming overweight, or both, but you become resistant to insulin. insulin is there, but it doesn't work as well.>> reporter: some people with type ii diabetes can control their blood sugar with what the eating and exercise. sam says that for years he didn't know how to take care of himself. >> i went for a while without taking meds. >> reporter: that took a toll with a heart attack, nerve damage and excruciating pain.>> i had surgery and i am scared and i'm nervous. >> reporter: sam is determined
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can be. i have known people that ipad amputations. a guy that i went to school with went blind and he died. i'm not ready for that. >> reporter: sam is getting help from his local hospital and a community health worker, werner heinz, who educates -- verna heinz, who educates him >> you can potentially die. >> reporter: risk factors for type ii diabetes include being overweight and being over 45 rehab an old rowhome....(sot sam)i'm very proud of the things that i've done. it took me two months to do this room. just like he's rehabbing his >> i am proud of the things i've done. it took me two months to do this room. >> reporter: just like he is rehabbing his health one step at a time.
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jennifer gilbert reporting. >> reporter: type ii diabetes usually gets worse over time. even if you don't need medications at first, you may need them over -- later on. this is a live look at cedar rapids as the sunsets. how beautiful is that you? it is 5:22 and terry swails will have another look at your weather first forecast when live at 5 returns. this is scott sanborn. do you need a carp
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the cbs evening news is next here is the cbs evening news tonight. the transition begins. donald trump and president obama me for the very first time to discuss the changing of the guard. then, the president elect laid out his agenda with republican leaders on capitol hill. meanwhile, protesters across the country rallied against the election results. we are going to have a look at whether president-elect trump can keep the promises that he made. those stories tonight on the
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those bumper stickers that you may have on your car from the election, you may want to take those off now or leave them on. there is actually a right and wrong way to remove them. the seattle times says the best way to remove them is to use a heat gun and then peel away the sticker. most people don't have a heat gun lane around and a hairdryer will also work. you can move the hairdryer in a circular movement and that help. the worst way to get rid of a bumper sticker is to use a razor blade which i think a lot of people end up doing. maybe some goo gone >> that's why i don't put them on because i don't need those issues. >> it may be a better idea just to leave them alone. i have some nice weather for you, but it may be a little cooler. tomorrow a little breezy and
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lower 50s. by the weekend, we should start another warm up which will get as close to 60 on sunday. looking at the commute for tomorrow, temperatures will be in the upper fort -- 30s to around 40 degrees. later in the day we will not go up very much. 39-52, that should do it. you should see little difference in terms of the temperatures and some sunshine still. thank you for joining us on cbs 2 news live at 5 . we hope you will join us again right here after the cbs evening
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the transition begins. >> we now are going to... want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the >> pelley: the 44th president welcomes the 45th to his new office. the incoming first lady gets a tour of their new home. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> pelley: also tonight, protests against the election results. >> definitely enough to bring me to tears. >> pelley: great expectations. can the new president keep the promises he made? and the play's the thing at the


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